Bruno Rosato’s career began when he started his own casting and extras companies where he has been the head casting director for many years. Artistic by nature, his creativity, sharp eye and ambition has attracted top directors and producers from around the world, such as the academy award winners George Clooney, Denis Arcand, Roland Geoffrey and Brian Singer, to work with him on prestigious productions. Rosato has worked on over one hundred films, gaining an invaluable experience in the entire scope of film production. Some of his credits include casting for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Get Smart, Assassin’s Creed, Blue Mountain State and extras casting for Les Invasions Barbares, Starbuck, The Canadians Forever, Funkytown and Les Doigts Croches.

Following his achievements in casting, gaining invaluable experience and contacts, Rosato sought to test his own wits as a principal producer and evolve with original content. He then convinced the legendary French graphic novel creator, Régis Loisel, to join forces. Inspired by Loisel’s forty-five years of experience, with millions of comic albums sold around the world, Rosato regards this as an insurance policy to climb to the next creative level with this experimental, three act, multi-platform project entitled Spatss!

Among Rosato’s other selected producing credits are the films Pure, Last Hour, Let the Game Begin, where he brought concrete experience to the table providing a rock solid combination of casting and producing. He secured finances, enlisted 10 Hollywood stars and had the film sold in twenty-five countries with American World Pictures. And Trois Saisons, that plucked twenty five festival nominations around the world and consequently, a Genie Award nomination for Rosato for best Canadian producer.