After graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration in Zurich , Marc moved to Los Angeles and studied music production and recording engineering at UCLA. From 1998-2001 Marc worked at Rick Rubin’s American Recordings and the renowned Cello Studios (originally United Western Recorders) in Hollywood.

In 2002 Marc started working with director Jane Spencer to produce, edit, and sound design her feature film “Faces on Mars”. Back in Switzerland Marc build The Oederlin Sound Studio and worked as a sound mixer for feature films and produced music records.

In 2005 Marc founded WARD9 Productions GmbH in Zurich with Jane Spencer to finance and produce films. Since then Marc produced the feature film “The Ninth Cloud” and made the music video “Hello” for the band NORdRING. Current feature films in prep and development are “South of Hope Street” and “The Red Weather”.